September 2017 – Added to walking page and voice page.

10th January 2016 – Nystagmus what is it and what to do about it.

1st December – Balance

Hi, I’m Nigel Heath and I have SCA type 6. I like to call this the ‘wibbly wobbly gene’. As it’s genetic and you have it too, perhaps we are related? Welcome brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts, let’s fix this together.

On this site I want to show other ataxia sufferers ways to get the most out of life.

How to turn around the decline we are all promised with our diagnosis.

How to fight back towards a quality of life for us and those close to us.

This is me now.

Just for context here is how I was in 2011 giving a talk at Toastmasters. I love this story! I hope you enjoy it too.


12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you Nigel.
    I am still waiting for an “official” diagnosis – nearly 60; I too try to think positive..

    Keep up the good work, I’ll definitely be following your blog.

    Rob D


  2. Hello. I want to use Feldenkrais. To get audio lessons from a man called Bruce. From USA. He charges 48 lessons on mp3 format 52 dollars including shippshipping .is that good price ???


    • Hi Arif
      I note from your email address you are in UK. I would recommend searching out Feldenkrais practitioners here first before buying online. It’s worth at least one visit to a practitioner to check out the moves which will help you most, and the sort of home study material best for you.
      I use some Feldenkrais everyday and certainly subscribe to his basic tenet of reversibility of action.
      Let me know how you get on.


  3. Hi Nigel, I founnd your video’s very interesting. I currently live in Andalucia, Spain. I will definately be following your blog, most interesting.

    Keep at it


  4. I am asking how you cope with work. I am currently off on sick leave but want to return but each day I am so unstable after doing just one activity. I am unsure how I would cope with teaching a full day not to mention getting on the bus to get to work.


    • You could try to get some trunk stability through weights around the shoulder -girdle area. It’s like someone pressing gently across your upper back and upper chest to help stabilize you. http://www.otvest.com. Shown at the national ataxia foundation conference last April


  5. Hi I just received the link to your site. Have been diagnosed in July with SCA….I learned the abbreviation otherwise I am new at this. I can’t wait to start reading. I am from South Africa and here is no support groups. ..sharon


  6. What a fabulous site, thank you. My dear husband was diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy last year. Could I be cheeky and ask do you see the Southampton ataxia specialist or do you travel to a specialist centre? My husband is currently under Dr Hammans at Southampton but we do not have tremendous faith in him and we’re considering asking for a referral to the London clinic where they have a team of specialists. He had a negative result from the genetic tests but they only tested for 6 types of SCA and I believe there are 58 known so far. Sorry to trouble you but found your wonderful site and note you are local to us. Many thanks and good luck with your journey. Kindest regards
    Julie Jenkins


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